Assuming There are NO Ghosts, etc. just WHAT could cause folks to see People and places from the past.?

Assuming we are NOT dealing with "Ghosts", Spirits, etc. AND eliminating Hallucinations and illusions and hoaxes, Just WHAT in the realm of Science or Physics could cause people, often multiple witnesses, to see "dead" or people from a past time (in clothing, of course) and often inanimate objects, Buildings, trains and cars---That simply "Appear out of nowhere" and vanish in a few seconds, etc.

Obviously, it's some sort of "Glitch" in time, especially in the case of multiple witnesses as no two people dream or Hallucinate the same thing.------Any speculation how this might happen?

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  • Mr. P
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    I do think you are on the right track Tom. We have both been on here for years, and is a worthy topic.

    I know you've had an experience, and so have I. We are just trying to work out the mechanics of it.

    I am starting to think it is a function of the brain, and connected with consciousness. Those that are 'tapped' in to it tend to see more, and have more experiences. This may explain why most people never see anything, but others experience multiple experiences once the first starts.

    It could just be possible to transcend time.

    I have felt items that were not there - but existed in the past. I have used pendulum divination to find objects - but also get a false reading where an item has been, - as if it is somehow still there, but in a different time.

    I'm free to talk if we can somehow share email.

  • Who
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    Ever looked at clouds and seen objects or things in the clouds

    you see them cos of your imagination

  • hace 1 año

    Everything explained by misidentifying normal things, hallucinations, delusions and hoaxes. Who see people from past? Are they experts in clothing history to identify when clothes of ghosts from. Victorian, Edwardian, Roaring 20s clothing all different.

  • j153e
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    There are some scientists who'v brought forth theories.

    Some of these: Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake; morphic fields.

    Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything by Dr. Ervin Laszlo;

    Mindful Universe: Quantum Mechanics and the Participating Observer by Dr. Henry P. Stapp;

    The Self-Aware Universe by Dr. Amit Goswami;

    The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? by Free and Wilcock;

    Entering the Circle by Dr. Olga Kharitidi;

    The Master of Lucid Dreams by Kharitidi;

    The Masters and Their Retreats;

    The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 1 año

    Nothing rationale.

    That means, if the people really think they see ghosts, they are nuts.

  • Anónimo
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    Pareidolia would be an important one. Now multiple witnesses could see, say a face in the cloud. It wouldn’t be an hallucination, illusion and certainly not a hoax. In fact it would be the truth. People would see a face in the clouds, but the cloud really wouldn’t be a face.

    This is why the word PARANORMAL is so important. It doesn’t simply mean unexplained. Something unexplained means it can be explained whilst Paranormal means it can be observed but NOT explained with current science.

    Check out a chap called Louis Auguste Blanqui and his idea of eternal recurrence

  • Tom
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    Remember, we are not talking "Ghosts" here---They tend to confuse the issue of simply seeing apparent "Flashes" from the past. I'm looking for new ideas for phenomena than the tired old "Hallucination" theories---Every serious investigator dismisses ANY cases where that is possible.------ No one takes drugged or mentally disturbed witnesses seriously or simple isolated one witness cases.--- An Einstein -Rosen Bridge could cause the effect in RL and would look the same. But what other things? Must explain two or more seeing imagery from the past (or other time period) at the same time? Remember . we do not live in a "Solid, Physical," "Hard edged" universe of little marbles.-----Its ALL waves and opposing forces at ultimate levels.

  • Dr. NG
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    I don't see how you can eliminate hallucinations, illusions, and hoaxes, or for that matter tall tales. As far as multiple witnesses, if folks hear Marie Antoinette and the Guillotine appear regularly at a certain spot, that's exactly what those prone to believe in such things will "see" and report. Multiple witnesses also multiply the chances of photos or videos. We need to factor that in.

    That said, should these sightings be shown to exist, your explanation would be as good as any. As it is though with just eyewitness accounts it's just not enough, not even close.

  • Zirp
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    hace 1 año

    telepathy and clairvoyance do not require spirits

  • hace 1 año

    "eliminating Hallucinations and illusions and hoaxes" and there is nothing left. All ghost sightings are hallucinations or illusions or hoaxes.

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