Can anyone recommend a good, relatively inexpensive program for converting .pdf to .dwg (ACAD)? $200 range-downloadable (not cloud based).?


I regularly receive .pdfs of drawings, and often have to fight to get .dwg files from clients - many of whom are working in Revit or Microstation, and can't be bothered to export or save-as (and that's before some of them want to charge for their drawings).

I've been having a friend use Adobe software to convert them - but I'm tired of bugging him every time a project comes up - and would like to have a piece of desktop software for converting. Preferably with a demo, so I can try it out.

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    Stfu. Stupid troll.

  • Jim
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    hace 2 años

    Put it in your contract of allowed formats. Acad can read a couple and not lose a beat.

    Converting PDF is difficult, there's multiple types of PDF (image overlay, image only text overlay, signature, etc)

    But if you're trying to convert raster, that's an exercise in futility.

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