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Is 2 days trip to Brussels enough?

I am not into bars, clubs, nightlife girls as these, in my opinion, are for suckers. I would rather to see Brussels itself and experience it as local to see its museums, attractions and walk in local area. Do you think it is enough for 2 days to see all these?

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    You won't be able to see everything in two days, but you will have time enough to see some of the highlights and enjoy yourself.

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    Depends how many museums and attractions you plan to fit into 2 days

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    You get to see two days worth.of stuff.

    Only you can decide if the museum tour is a fast walk glancing at each item or you spend a few seconds to read the provided things nearby explaining the item.

    If that is the time you have that is the time you have. If you like what you see you can come back some other time and explore some more.

    It is big planet and you will never see it all Only you can decide how to allocate your holiday/ vacation time

    You can spend the entire day in just one museum others an hour or two is more than enough for you.

    I visited Zurich for about two hours when I exited the station it was pouring rain I checked for the next train to some other place and went there . I did not see much and would return for a longer visit.if I could.

    Bahnhofstrasse was really nice and very expensive.

    For short stay like you plan suggest for part of it you just get on a bus or tram and watch out the window when see something interesting to you just get off and explore then take another bus or tram . A day pass is cheap and you get unlimited rides.

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