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Can anyone give me some good links in making homemade dog food?


I want to do a little research in making our own homemade dog food with fresh ingredients before we get our dog next month. I make homemade raw for our cats.

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    I would RATHER you do some reading first. You probably will not. There are any number of good books and more than one type of diet model depending, on whether you want to do a raw diet or home cooked diet. IMO, raw if the way to go. Within raw again, there are a number of DIFFERENT diet models with pros and cons. If you do not get a balanced diet and rotate the meal plans, you will not do a good job.

    While at least one poster on this board is ADAMANTLY OPPOSED to any veggies, my holistic vet (who was head of her holistic assoc. of our state's veterinary board) is very SURE her patients (cat and dog) on raw, do better WITH green leafy veggies added. She owns BOTH cats and dogs, and saw improvements in her own pets and began trying to encourage veggie use in her patients. Green leafy veggies (especially) are anti-inflammatory, full of anti-oxidents, full of cancer-fighting properties, trace minerals and vitamins, not to mention FIBER.

    Please note that the stomach (or craw) is often the FIRST thing eaten by the ALPHA animal in pack (it CONTAINS partially digested GREENS). Veggies (for dogs) have to be one of the following since dogs cannot digest plant cellulose: previously frozen or pureed, lightly steamed, or fermented. (I suspect cats are the same.) I feed greens!~!!

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    I just googled 'homemade dog food'. You can change the search words like, 'recipes for homemade dog food' 'simple dog food recipes'.

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    You don't need a "recipe". Most are garbage with things like rice, vegetables, fruit that dogs don't need.

    If you want to make your own food feed your dog the Prey Model Raw Diet - 80% meat with edible bone, 10% organ meats, 10% bone. That's ALL your dog needs.

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    just type nnaking honnennade dog food on the search bar and it nnight conne up with sonne links

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