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Questions for doxie owners?


1. What is the length of your doxie? Need to know to estimate size of crate/harness.

2. For harnesses - do you get a small or medium?

Let me know please for a standard and for a mini. Thanks

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  • hace 2 años

    If your breeder cannot tell you what crate size is right; you can google that per breed, or go to a site like Foster & Smith catalog and you can even CALL THEM, and ask questions, esp since Doxies come in several SIZES and you don't indicate what SIZE of the breed, you are asking about.

    Harness sizes are NOT based on the length of the dog, but on CHEST circumference measured BEHIND the elbow. The companies I USE, don't just have 2 or 3 sizes. They are in INCHES by girth, so they FIT!

    many pet stores also carry some smaller harnesses and you can take your dog in and fit them (in-store). Some catalogs will AGAIN, show you HOW to measure the dog for their harnesses, but it does NOT usually mean including the length of the dog since the harness fits on the front HALF ONLY.

    I like UPCO catalog for harnesses that use real metal buckles, not that black plastic buckle JUNK that "gives way" at the first hard pull on BOTH harnesses & collars.

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    hace 2 años

    I'd suggest google search.

    The weight and length determine the size of the harness. A custom harness which uses the neck to underleg measurement fits much better.

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