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Are Mini Aussies just as active as the standard size? What about the Mini Aussie/Poodle mix?


We don't want a really active dog but just was wondering how active they are in general. What about grooming requirements? I would assume that if its mixed with Poodle, we would need to have it groomed every 2 months.

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    Aussies - just like Border Collies were bred to be a working dog, herding for 8 to 10 hours a dog NOT a "pet". They have a compelling NEED to work and very high energy since they are expected TO WORK for HOURS ON END.

    I quote from a breed information website..."They can become nervous and destructive if left alone too much without enough mental and physical exercise. They need a job to do, as the breed is very intelligent, active and thus easily bored. "

    They will not be happy being locked up in a house with some toys or a TV/ radio on. [The animal will be BORED OUT OF ITS MIND!] And at some point, you will come home to a very destructive situation. They need to be in a working home or in a competitive obedience/agility home and constantly working at something.

    The Mini Aussie is no less energetic due to the smaller size and sheds no less all the time (just MORE during shed season) . Both versions of the breed have DOUBLE COATS a longer outer coat & a shorter wooly undercoat. You can read all about it, at their AKC website -which actually HAS THIS TYPE OF INFORMATION.

    NO one who is reputable, produces aussie/poodles mixes. If you WANT to deal with BYB or puppy mills => go right ahead. There is no way to predict the coat TYPE you will get, no matter what they tell you. There are 3 possible COAT types in 1 litter genetically possible. Do NOT ASSUME IT WON'T SHED! One half of the parental mix SHEDS...... copiously.

    The smaller the poodle; the MORE active (and neurotic) the version in this mutt mix - you will get. You could not pay me to own a miniature or toy poodle (period) due to all the temperament and health problems they have. I guarantee you, no BYB or puppy miller will be doing any genetic screening or testing of their stock.....

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    I don't know as I have no first-hand experienced with the type of dogs you are asksing about. But please avoid buying any puppy that doesn't conform to the Breed Standard because ONLY BYBs mess with established breeds for one thing - your money. Responsible breeders breed to the Standard as best they are able, and CARE about what they send out into the world, be it to do the job it was intended to do, or as a pet.

    If you can find what you are looking for in a Shelter, fine, but contributing to the BYB - NO.

    Please read the following -


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    If you don't want a really active dog, don't get a herding breed or mix thereof, period. Poodles are also an active sporting breed.

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    If you dont want an active dog, then dont get a herding breed or even a mix of a herding breed.

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