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How can I data validate an Excel cell to require at least one letter and one number?

I have a field in Excel where we enter a name and a phone extension to print out on an assignment sheet. The users often enter the name, but do not assign them a phone to carry for their shift. As a reminder, I want to validate the field and issue an error if it does not contain at least one letter and one number.

Any help on how to do this? Thanks!


Typically, the entry would look like this:

PCA: John 79826


PCA: Sue S. 79844

it should be somewhat freeform, but needs to contain at least one number.

Actualización 2:

I have tried masks such as "? #" or "a#" or "aaaaaaaaa#" but nothing seems to work.

Actualización 3:

Also tried

Like *#


not like *#

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