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Is Cachet Cologne/Perfume by Prince Matchabelli still be produced?


I checked out online and boy what a prices they had, high. I used to purchase it in the 70's and loved it.

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    No, it's not being made anymore. It was discontinued sometime in the 1990's so it could be reformulated and relaunched. The new scent didn't sell and the whole line discontinued. The few bottles that are still available are vintage and the supply is low so that means the price is high.

    Further research shows that the entire prince Matchabelli line is now owned by Parfums de Coeur which just changed its name to PDC and Cachet is supposed to be in production -but searching the new owners gives me nothing.

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    It might be available at CVS; I have seen Wind Song there, and it was a big '70s fragrance. The drug stores especially like to put these out close to Christmas time, so folks will buy for gifts. Keep in mind, it might not smell the same as you remember.

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    Sounds fancy, get me a bottle and ill reimburse you with a grilled cheese with bacon and a $20 movie theater pass

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