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Pliny the Elder died in 79 AD. He was a very prolific writer. Why didn't he write anything about Jesus Christ?

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  • hace 2 años
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    He was a keen observer of the religious and social tumult in Judea, as well, and did write about some self-proclaimed messiahs, but nothing that matches the alleged Jesus. Because, Jesus didn't exist.

  • Anónimo
    hace 12 meses

    I think maybe he wasn't even care about jesus of nazareth. anyways, Josephus Flavius Did.

  • User
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    hace 2 años

    Why didn't he write about an obscure leader of an obscure religious cult located in an obscure part of the Empire?

    I can't imagine why.

    It's like asking

    - Why didn't Pliny the Elder write about Joseph of Nazareth the sheepherder?

    Do you imagine that there was no such person?

    Or do you recognize that Pliny the Elder would not deem such a person worth writing?

    Pliny the Elder probably never even heard of the man! EITHER man!

  • ?
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    hace 2 años

    That makes no sense.

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  • hace 2 años

    Probably never heard of him. Even if he did, it may have just been stories with no god like qualities.

  • hace 2 años

    He was a pagan Roman...with multiple ' gods '.

    To Pliny, Jesus was not important...

    Much the same as today...very few people are spiritual, having an interest in what the Bible has to say...

    If you doubt this, just join any J.W. as they attend the information carts in public thoroughfares...99% of passing foot traffic will ignore you...seemingly afraid to even ask why the J.W is there at all...

    afraid of what?

    We do not convert, we just offer information...Bible based of course.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 2 años

    Probably because Jesus never existed.

  • hace 2 años

    God has sealed all up to His word which He has magnified above even His name.

    Of what use is the word of man who is corrupt and dies?

  • Anónimo
    hace 2 años

    It wasn’t like they had social media In those days. Besides, Pliny the younger, his nephew, wrote extensively on Christians.

  • God
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    hace 2 años

    I think the obvious answer is Jesus Christ never existed or there was nothing to write because he never did anything note worthy.

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