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Is george r r martin likely to EVER finish a song of ice and fire?

Seriously, now hes bringing us a history of the targareyns. And its not like hes unsure where book 6 is going to go. Since the tv series has gone well past book 5, he has a general outline for the penultimate book, its just a matter of putting it into print. So whats the holdup? Is he labouring under some sort of gypsy curse where he'll die when hes finished telling the story?

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    It's entirely possible we'll never see the end as he presently envisions it. He's not a young man and from all appearances, he doesn't take particularly good care of his health.

    He's also proven over time that he does not meet deadlines, missing them not by weeks or months but by years. His publisher is patient because when he finally turns in a manuscript, there's money to be made, lots of it.

    Like any writer who's dreamed up a complete world and filled it with people, he could literally keep going even it he turned out to be immortal. Every place has a history, every character a backstory.

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    He's already said his next book isn't going to be done by 2019, so it's shoved back even further.

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    I doubt that he will ever finish his saga because he doesn't really want to end the story.

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