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How much can a mid grade full sound system for my '97 Civic cost?

With the while shabang: tweeters, subs, speakers, amp, crossover etc

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    Decent setup = $300 to $600

    SQ setup = $600 to $2k

    SPL setup = $2k to $10k

    Competition setup = $10k to $25k

    If you can’t afford much in car audio, get the decent setup.

    If you wanna be LOUD out on the street you’re gonna need the SQ set. The decent set will only get loud enough to annoy your neighbors.

    I have two vehicles with two different sets. I have the SQ and SPL. The SPL set will get LOUD enough to destroy your neighbors house and your hearing. I once vibrated my neighbors kitchen cabinets at 22hz hitting 157db. Their house turned into a party room and they told me to turn that SHlT off. In my SQ vehicle, I only hit around 130db at the same frequency. I went over 150 with my SPL vehicle.

    They told me that I can’t be bumping my system loud like that after 6pm. I do respect their wish and I do what they want.

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    Decent HU, decent component speakers, decent 4 ch amp, decent sub/enclosure.

    You could do that for $600-700 for equipment plus whatever your installation costs are.

    Professional - figure on another 200-400.

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    More than your car is worth. $800 to $1300.

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    Keep the stock stereo and speakers, then add a Rockford Fosgate sub and 300 rms watt amp. That's all you need. If you want enough to shake the window handles loose and make the license plate flap like so many idiots do, that will cost $300 more. See what you get at Best Buy. Listen to it before you have them install it.

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  • It really comes down to what you want for the system. Here is a good site to use to see what it could cost you.

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