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Seriously, micksmixxx, what would be the life expectancy of a type 1 diabetic that had NO insulin (and injected no insulin)?

Juveniles in the old days would only live a few short years as their pancreas started failing (being destroyed) until their insulin production was zero. Then how long until death (maybe by starvation? maybe by glucose build-up?)?

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    Hi I'm not that person but I can help too, a type 1 diabetic would not last very long at all without insulin as they aren't producing ANY insulin or minimal amounts and so without the injections they have nothing or very little to get rid of the sugar in the blood and very quickly the patient's blood glucose levels would rise and just carrying on going up and up, and you would MOST likely get other complications due to it, and then eventually you will become very poorly, fall into a coma and POSSIBLY death. It could be a few weeks before this happened, or maybe even a couple of years, like said if they were really lucky. Even if you monitored your foods incredibly well and counted every single carbohydrate to try and avoid it from going high, it would still most likely not work. As anything put into the body needs help from insulin. Exercise CAN help, but not very much. Type 2 diabetic's sometimes don't need insulin and often exercise and just healthy eating is good enough to keep the sugar levels in normal range. Diabetes is a very controllable thing, BUT without the proper medication will most likely shorten your life.

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    You've answered your own question there, sir, a few short years ... if they were lucky

    Prior to insulin being used, type 1 diabetics used to be put an a very restricted diet ... almost a 'starvation' diet, and made to exercise like there was no tomorrow in a deliberate attempt to try to lower blood sugar (glucose) levels. Inevitably, they still used to die.

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