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What's a good way to remove invasive plants?


I have plants growing that I can't even dig out, the roots are deep. The plants come from Birds burying seeds. Any ideas about how to kill them, preferably no herbicides.

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My yard is a large, fully mature with lots of ground cover around the perimeter. In the ground cover I have lots of new trees popping up like oak, Chinese pistachio and such and I have enough trees, don't need any more. I have a dog and would prefer not to use anything poisonous. I know I should have done something when they were real small. some are about 4 feet tall.

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    Tree roots can get deep, especially the taller ones. You're going to have to dig them out and get as deep as possible. Leave any of the roots behind and they will come back. The way you describe it, you may have to rent a roto-tiller to dig up the whole lawn and start from scratch with sod. That can be expensive if you hire out and back breaking if you do it yourself. Make sure you don't have underground utilities or anything else that could be damaged before you dig.

    I feel so guilty every time I pull forests of baby trees out of my garden but if we don't it's hell to get them out later.

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    The first thing that you need to do...

    Is take pictures of these "invasive" plants.

    After getting the plants identified, then we can help you to get rid of them.

    If you can't get your plants identified at yahoo, try


    Tree seedlings are NOT invasives.... They are just dropped nuts that grew.

    When small, they pull easily after a rain. After they get about knee high, dig them out with a shovel after a rain.

    If a shovel brings no joy, use a mattock. It isn't difficult. Most of those have a tap root, but... If you cut through the tap root, the trees are unlikely to come back.

    Those 4 foot trees.... Are about the optimum size for removal.... Using the mattock, cut through all the side roots and then the tap root...

    Easy. I do it all the time.

    Incidentally.... It was squirrels that buried the nuts....

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    A weed whacker makes a world of difference. I had raspberry bushes to the side of the house and I was able to descimate them along with tall weeds. A gas weed whacker is pretty strong. Of course, permanent removal of raspberry bushes is the stuff of philosophical speculation.

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    Weed killer

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    So many unknowns in your question, but one easy way out is to construct tall raised beds[frames], place them on top of the affected areas, fill them with soil and compost, and plant in the beds.

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    plant killer

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