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My 6 month old puppy howls when I leave the room, how to stop this.?

I take my puppy to work with me. If I leave the shop to step outside lets say to sweep or help a customer with something to the car I can hear him howling inside. If I take him in the car and have stopped at a friends house to drop off something, I walk to the house door, he can see me but still howls. How can I stop this.

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    hace 1 año

    Use a shock collar.

  • hace 4 años

    Correct it immediately when in the act. A simple NO should be sufficient and/or any other terminology you choose.

    Or seek professional help for yourself help on how to train a dog properly.

    Dogs aren't suppose to be left in vehicles, it actually against the law in many areas, leave the dog home, problem solved.

  • hace 4 años

    Unfortunately, you do not seem to ever have TAUGHT him to BE alone (how to be self-comforted) and be OKAY = with being alone.

    You do not indicate you ever did crate training or ever LEFT the dog at home (with toys etc.) RATHER than "toting him" to work.

    As it WARMS up, you may NOT be ABLE to continue the "tied to your apron-strings" arrangement you currently have, w/o putting his HEALTH and safety at RISK in a HOT vehicle.

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