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Is it possible for a person to 'transfer scent' to someone else? (Dogs)?

Example - if a dog has an intense dislike for someone (to the point that they will try to attack the person), and that person comes into contact with someone else (like an adult holding a child), is it possible for the dog to get confused by the scent and want to attack them?

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    probably not, unless the dog is blind. They see people and recognize them in that manner, also.

  • Daniel
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    hace 4 años

    You can definitely transfer scent, but it's not like an animal would't know that the person they didn't like was also there.

  • hace 4 años

    Dogs can distinguish the scent of one person from another, down to what they ate yesterday. 40 per cent of a dog's brain is devoted to the sense of smell

  • Anónimo
    hace 4 años

    Dogs don't attack because of scent, they attack for reasons such as bad energy, aggressive body language, and abusive actions.

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