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What is (0/0)^0?

0/0 is indeterminate, which means it can be any number. Since any number to the zero power is 1 does that mean that (0/0)^0 = 1?

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    Huh...you'd think God would know the answer to this question.

    0/0 is indeterminate, which doesn't necessarily mean it can be equal to any number. It means exactly what it says; we cannot *determine* a value that is equal to 0/0. In order to fully appreciate what it means for a mathematical expression to be indeterminate, you have to get into limits and calculus, which I'm not going to do in this space, but check this out:


    Suffice it to say that 0/0 has no meaningful value, which means that operations upon it are meaningless. Unless we can assign a fixed value to 0/0, then (0/0)^0 is also meaningless.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!

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    Some function of the form 0/0 are in fact 0.

    0^0 is indeterminate also so (0/0)^0 is indeterminate and not guaranteed to be 1.

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    0/0 is undefined, which means it is not a number at all.

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