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Bi-Stable multi vibrator switch using only EM relays. for a digital counter/memory?

This question has been vexing me for many years since I first heard of it in Jr. High. The first electric computers used bi-stable multi vibrator switches made of electromagnetic relay banks. an electrical pulse would turn the first one on, lighting an indicator lamp, a second pulse would turn the first switch(and the lamp) off and turn on the second switch and lamp. A third pulse would turn the first switch on again and a fourth pulse would turn BOTH the first two switches off and turn on a third switch in the series---etc.

So an arrangement of a series of these switches would make a digital binary counter.-------Each switch would take a pulse--if it was open, the pulse would close it, if it was already closed the pulse would open it AND send a pulse to the next switch in the series which behaves the same.

Ever since I was a kid, I have tried to devise a relay circuit that would do this and failed. It seems that once the pulse closes the first switch, it immediately reconfigures and treats the same pulse as a new pulse ----The duration of the pulse should not matter. Somehow the pulse should NOT further affect the switch until it stops and a new pulse is entered. --- Does anybody know a circuit for an EM switch array that behaves as correctly as the above description says it should?-----Using no artificial delays or other components rather than multi contact relays?

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