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How to install this LED light?

I bought this LED light for my aquarium. Last time I just wired it directly to an old DC adapter but this time I wanted to add an on/off switch. I'm a little confused about how to wire it. It has a wire for the power source one for the light and one is a grounding cable but the light (and the DC cable) have two wires each, negative and positive. How do i wire it all? Did I buy the wrong switch? Any help appreciated. Also how do I ground the grounding wire? The light will be sitting on top of an aquarium lid

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  • hace 4 años

    Just get the polarity right. When you use DC to power an LED that's important. I always switch the hot side. In a closed circuit like this it doesn't matter, I just do it out of habit. That way most people will understand it if you ever go to sell it.

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    run one side of the power cord thru a line-switch by cutting the two sides of the wire apart and inserting the switch on one side of the cord to cut the power -- this is very efficient and place the switch where it will be easy to use ...........................

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