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Printer Suggestions please?

I only need to use my printer occassionally.However,since its usually been a while since last use I only get blank pages.I run a maintenance cleaning app,but still nothing.Any suggestion which brand or type would print when I need it to? thanks

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    It's a common problem with injets, especially if they don't get "parked" properly before being turned off. The ink in the print head eventually dries up, and no amount of cleaning seems able to unblock them.

    HP is somewhat better in that respect because they have the print head and ink the same cartridge. If they dry up, you buy new in, AND a new print head, and it works again. Downside is their print cartridges are more expensive.

    A laser printer is likely to be more reliable with occasional use, because the ink is a dry powder, and wont dry out just from sitting around. Of course laser printers cost more, so it might be cheaper get an inkjet and some spare cartridges. They cartridges are OK while they are sealed up with tape, at least for a sensible time (years)

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