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How much money do you make every day?

How many brothers do you have?

How much is it? (2.50 bs)

How much money does it cost? (30.25 bs)

How long is your pencil?

How long did they live in Miami?

How long is your belt?How far is it from Porlamar to Punta de Piedras?

How far is it from los Robles to Pampatar?

How much sugar are you going to use tomorrow?

How often do you brush your teeth?

How often does Helen go to Caracas?How often does Raimond eat mango?How long ago did may study in New York?

How often do you read the bible?

How much water do you usually drink?

How many days are there in a week?

How far do you live from Porlamar?

How often do you go to Sambil?

How much do you love your mother?

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    I earn 150$ in one day. I have 2 brothers/I dont have any brothers or sisters. Its 2.50$.

    It coasts 30.25$. Its 15 centimeters. They lived in Miami for 8 years. Its 1metre.

    Porlamar is 3562(not really) kilometers away from Punta de Piedras. Im going to use 1 or 2 kg. I brush my teeth after each food, so i do it everyday. Helen goes to Caracas Once a month. Raimond eats mango everytime he can, its his favourite fruit!. May studied in NY two years ago. Sometimes i read the bible. I usually drink 4l of water everyday. There is days in a week. I live 7km away from Porlamar.

    I go to Sambil once a week. I love my mother too much, she is the best!

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