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Does CM punk have any wrestling/martial arts experience?

I didn't see any in his background. At least Brock lesnar was a real wrestler before and had 30 lbs on most of his opponents. How does he (or the ufc for that matter) think he can become a professional fighter in 6 months?

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  • hace 5 años

    He's been doing BJJ for a while, though I think it was infrequent. I think he also had a Kempo and/or Muay Thai background. With that said, he's been training out of Roufussport (kickboxing/MMA gym including fighters like Anthony Pettis and Ben Askren) since around the time he signed with the UFC.

    I frankly don't think he's ready for UFC-level competition, but I assume he'll be given a low-level opponent.

  • hace 5 años


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