Am i overreacting?

I'm a 22 year old male and i recently got a gf about 4 months ago. I quit my job because of personal problems with my family. I grew up in a home where the man always pays for everything no matter what and i've been out of work for 3 week now. I recently got a job interview but i won't work until January, i keep telling my gf i can't hangout since i have no money to waste and she always comes over, takes me out, buys me things even when i tell her no it's okay and i feel weird. I feel like she shouldn't be paying for anything and like i owe her a lot. My gf has bought me food, took me the movies, even Disneyland....Am i overreacting? plwase help. What should i do?

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  • hace 5 años

    She is doing all this "charity" for you because she likes you. She's doing it out of the kindness of her heart. In a relationship you should not give to hope for something in return. Relationships are all about sacrifice and you shouldnt be keeping score about who paid for what etc. Feeling guilty is human but don't destroy yourself over it.

  • SGM
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    hace 5 años

    It's OK for her to pay for the dates. But you must steer ALL of the dates towards something very inexpensive.

    At this point, she is dominating you. Disneyland? How much money did that cost her? And you keep letting her pay. So much for your manhood.

    You are now the girl in the relationship.

  • ?
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    hace 5 años

    Since your situation is temporary, you should graciously say "thank you" and that's it.

  • hace 5 años


    it's f*cking 2015. get with it.

    besides, not hanging out bc you can't pay for things?


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