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8 tips for changing eating habits.?

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    Not always enough to take the habit away, but to replace with a new habit that really makes a difference.

    something u enjoy

    don't focus on what you don't want, this way is much harder.

    remember/write down what your want in the end, and make sure you look at what you've written twice a day.

    think of how good you will feel at the end (it actually feels better than that).

    It takes a month to create a new habit whilst you watch the old habit disintegrate, automatically.

    errm, WAIT 15 mins (this maybe most important) This 15 min anxiety seems like forever, but it is really only about 15 minutes. you can do what the magazines say, go for walk, take a bath or whatever, or just sit there in pain until its gone! I used to watch youtube funny videos...its very relaxing after the 15 minutes.

    think thats 7, so 1 left...

    Ill say this, focus but don't worry all the time.

    Do all this without thinking too much and the habit will be gone and don't fall back into the same patterns in future. hope this helps dude.

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