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Name 5 tips for gaining weight..?

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    If your not gaining, add another meal, if your still not gaining, add another! Everyone's body's burns calories differently. No different bodies could eat the same amount and up with same results. Eat more good carbs. Someone i know started eating meals before bed as well and he definitely looks bigger...i think there's 5 here

  • hace 5 años

    5 tips to gain weight are:

    1.Learn more about food and their calories

    2.Know how many calories you need for your weight if you want to gain weight.

    3.Eat more calories than you use up in 24 hours.

    4.Dont eat junk food

    5.Count the calories your about to eat throughout the day. for example goal 2400. eat 300 calories every 8 meals throughout the day.

    if you want to gain weight for muscle then eat more calories than you use up when workout. Add pre workout and post workout meals or shakes with your 8 meals.

  • hace 5 años

    1: Working out (muscle weighs more)

    2: Eating a lot of fatty foods like cake, and such.

    3: Eating a lot of calories, cashews contain a lot of calories!

    4: Trying to throw in a lot of extra snacks in between meals.

    5: Skipping breakfast. Breakfast kicks in your metabolism. I don't recommend this one though. If anybody does do this, they need to eat a lot during lunch to make up for it.

    I recommend 1 and 3

  • Dan
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    1. Eat more food.

    2. See your doctor to treat the eating disorder that is keeping you from eating enough.

    3. Don't blame your matabolism or the fact that you get full. If you ate more, you would gain weight.

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  • hace 5 años

    eat more

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