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Are the youth of today just ignorant about health matters or why else do they seem to assume that every little ache is cancer.?

Do they really not understand how uncommon it is in people under the age of 50?

Do we need to educate them better or just remove all medical information from the internet?

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    Every kid walks around with a computer in hand (smartphone) but most kids don't have the ability to discern truth from fantasy. They also lack critical thinking skills and too many are convinced they have "anxiety" when, in truth, all they have is normal desire to be the center of attention and the normal drama stuff that teens go experience.

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    I wonder about this myself. I guess they are afraid of getting cancer but if you have to get cancer it is better to get it now than in the past when there were less treatments and treatment options.

    They are more connected to their Aunts and Uncles and grandparents so are more aware when these get sick. When I was first a nurse we saw people come into the hospital who were in late stages of cancer and nothing much could be done for them. Their children visited but not so much grandchildren as perhaps the parents were protecting them.

    Some young people have some basic information about some disease so thin they know more than they do. You know the old saying "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing".

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    In the United States, cancer is the second most common cause of death among children between the ages of

    1 and 14 years, surpassed only by accidents.

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    Im so sorry if we kids think that every single ache we feel is cancer because we see in tv social media and most of the time when we search our symptoms google says its cancer we are just kids and we get very scared but i thank all of you adults for guiding us and telling that our symptoms is far from cancer and its very rare for our age to be honest im just 16 and every ache i have i search it on google i panic and i think its cancer my tip for us kids stay away from google when you feel symptoms and just ask your parents what to do they always know best again i apologize for our mistakes :)

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    I think theres a few parts that play into that. First, what most people have said already, the internet. Second, cancer is in a lot of families, kids see someone going through that and it scares them that they might get that one day. Third, they dont understand a lot about it.

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    Yes now days youth are ignoring about health matters .

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    We are bombarded by health scares on a daily basis. Titles of articles like 'NEVER eat this' and this causes cancer are all over the place.

    More information as well as all of this scary 'news' stuff I think is the cause.

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    Probably because most of them get their information from the internet. The internet is a mixture of truth and lies, most young people probably have trouble discerning between the truth and lies. Therefore their brains are full of mumbo jumbo

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    Truthfully..most of them are just bullshitting. They assume forums are full of teens and young adults. They don't realize who we are. My kids aren't long out of their teens years and never have they nor any of the many people in their age group they know, jumped to cancer with any ailment.

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    Heres my question, why is thier trolls on yahoo answers like yourself so disgruntled about this subject? If you dont agree with someones health question dont answer it and mind your own business!!!

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