Do all Marines get Alpha uniforms after bootcamp?

I m leaving to Bootcamp in January and i ve watched many graduation videos etc. And to be honest i ve very excited ( right now) but i always see every graduation is different uniform. Do all Marines get Alpha uniforms ( green wooly uniform)? I just think they look very nice and it reminds me of World War II days. Thanks for answering in advance :)

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  • hace 5 años

    Yes, that is one of the uniforms you are issued during boot camp.

    And whether you graduate in Alphas depends on where you go to boot camp and what time of the year you are graduating.

    More info for future Marines:

  • hace 5 años

    Yes...they are issued in boot (and you pay for them btw, it comes out of your boot pay), just a taste of the sometimes odd Marine Corps uniform nomenclature, the "green wooly" jacket is referred to as a blouse....and your pants are called trousers.

    Fuente(s): a U.S. Marine vet who spent 11 months in Iraq in 2004-2005 (3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, attached to 31st MEU, Regimental Combat Team I), mostly in anbar province. I am now a multi degreed engineer and doctoral candidate working for America's largest defense contractor.
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