First poolie function without sleep?

Hey guys, I have my first poolie function today at 7am and I haven't slept. I'm not tired at all and it's already.....3am, trust me I closed my eyes for an hour and I still couldn't manage to sleep. Will it be hard to do the exercises without sleep? And how long do most functions last? ( just give me an estimate)

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    lack of sleep has been proven to not effect performance

    unless its for an extended period of time

    IE: they looked at football players in the NFL, who could not sleep the night before games

    plus, you can't be a real marine, untill you can pt and run 12 miles after drinking all night long and hungover

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    I know this answer from my experiences with insomnia and going weeks without any sleep at all. Sleep helps our bodies refuel, repair, and refresh, kind of like our cars. So when we don't get the sleep we need, our bodies get worn down, inefficient, and running on an empty tank, so to speak. To mix these biological truths with my religious beliefs, I think that God made the Earth a nearly perfect sphere and set it spinning on its axis like it is so that at any given time, about half of the Earth would be darkened so that we humans could sleep the 6-10 hours we need. If you think about it further, it seems more than a coincidence that our bodies need almost the exact same amount of time for sleeping that any given area of the Earth spends in darkness away from the sun.

  • hace 5 años

    If you have trouble doing that with very little sleep what do you think basic training is going to be like??

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    hace 5 años

    You can do what you need to do, I did sleep with my eyes open and still perform all of the tasks necessary.

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  • hace 5 años

    You are young. You will do fine. You will be tired. Sleep tomorrow night.

  • hace 5 años

    Best of luck.. just drink coffee and try to stay alert.

  • Bill
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    hace 5 años

    It's a learning experience..................................

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