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You grow up in a country where Slavery has been going on for hundreds of years---And Now the government wants to END it. ---------OK, BUT The Government also says IT will NOT Compensate the slave owners the value of the slaves that the banks use to base Credit and net worth. AND it will not provide for the WELFARE of the Released Slaves.------effective immediately!

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Would you rather keep things as they are and Drop out of the Union or Let the economy be devastated and millions of freed slaves left to possibly starve to death?-----Our ancestors made the most humane choice given to them by the "Radical Republicans"

Actualización 3:

Remember Most slaveholders Loved their slaves who depended on them . And vice versa While Beatings and rapes DID happen it was the exception rather than the rule--What farmer today would take a sledge hammer to his new tractor if it broke down?---It happens, but not often

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    The Plantation owners were backed into a corner. Their VALUE or net worth was the slaves.---That's the way the (Mostly northern) Banks were set up. Lincoln's Radical Republicans failed to enact banking reforms or provisions for Welfare for Millions of slaves, to pave the way for freedom--and refused to do so.

    If the States did not remove themselves from the Union and keep Slavery as it was (for now), a great catastrophe would ensue.---The Planters could not borrow money for the next crop (Slaves were the only collateral the Banks would take___they did not want houses or land). The Slaves would have to be freed --but to what?--Most could not support themselves.---SO the most humane solution was Secession.

    Besides Slavery was fizzling out anyway. Many plantations Did not need as many slaves anymore, with the new technology and they were getting too expensive to keep and work. The Slave Narratives, tell of many masters who wanted to Free their slaves, but could not because the Banks needed them for collateral on planting loans.-----Slavery would have ended in a couple decades anyway, on its own---And under much better circumstances and rights for the slaves.

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    I would free them. As for the economy taking a hit - It would be no different than a crooked corporation declaring bankruptcy.

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    What would I do? I would have freed my slaves the first chance I got and hired them on at standard wages.

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