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Why is the Confederate Battle flag any more a symbol of slavery than the US flag?


DIDNT the US have slavery for over 90 years? Didn't the US STILL have at least FIVE slave states DURRING the Civil war? The US, for the most part was ALL Slave until 30 years before the war---And even when the states ended slavery---they did NOT FREE them--but SOLD them to the South.

Actualización 2:

Blacks were treated with more repect in the pre war South than in the North--even with slavery. The Society was integrated. Blacks could ride trains, etc, but culd NOT do so in the north that was segregated. Northern Black soldiers were segregated and got less pay, Southern Black soldiers got equal pay and were integrated

Actualización 3:

The South May have seceded over Slavery or excessive federalism----But the war came later. The NORTH invaded the south "To preserve the union" The South was defending their homeland---And even 50-100 thousand blacks joined in (The south kept no record of Troops race) Numbers based on pension requests

Actualización 4:

Us EDUCATE D Southerners can BACK UP our History from original Sources, The Yanks and Libs cannot---The Yanks told Blacks they fought to FREE them AFTER the war to get their votes during reconstruction--the origin of the MYTH.

Actualización 5:

US troops deserted in droves when Lincoln read the BOGUS Emancipation Proclamation --And the Nort Slave states did not elect any Republicans for 50 afterwards. Slavery ended only because the economy was wrecked and people could not afford them any more

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  • Kini
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    hace 5 años
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    That is a great question and a valid one. The colonists stole land from the Indians and kill them.

  • Maia
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    hace 5 años

    Yes the US government has committed atrocities and still does to this day but it is distinct from the Confederate Battle flag and all other confederate flags. Those flags represented the CSA; a nation which was created to maintain slavery on the basis that the white race is superior. The same can not be said of the American flag...But the same can be said or is similar to the flag of the Third Reich.

  • hace 5 años

    Talk about revisionist history. The Confederate Battle Flag was used for less than 5 years by troops committing treason against the USA. They lost the war. The Southern states seceded to keep the institution of slavery-- they said so in their Declarations of Secession and in their state legislatures. That's why the flag represents white supremacy and the enslavement of blacks. The U.S. Flag flew over a nation part free and part slave for 85 years, then 150 years free. The Union won the war.

    When the Northern States did free slaves, they were mostly manumitted, not sold. It's ludicrous to say blacks in the South were integrated. Both the North and the South treated blacks horribly, but there were far more free blacks in the North.

    There WERE no Southern blacks officially in the military. (The War of 1812 did have colored troops, but they weren't Southern troops.) The Union had 180,000-200-000 black troops. The Confederate Army had less than 300 non-whites (which included native Americans and mulattos) attached to officers or units in support roles. It was against the Confederate Army's policies to enlist blacks. There's just no evidence for large numbers of Southern black troops. None.

    The CSA had taken over Union sites in Confederate states before then, but President Buchanan did nothing. The first shots were fired by the CSA of Union troops at Fort Sumter.

    The 13th amendment ended slavery.

  • Tom
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    hace 5 años

    POOR History lessons in the North and the Liberal tendency to Lie to manipulate Blacks----The Crooked Politicians of the Reconstruction era, told the Blacks that fought to free them--to get their votes---and it became Hystorical Myth

    IT is documented that The North fought "To Save the Union Only"--a resolution was passed in congress to that statement.

    Slavery ended after the war when the economy was so wrecked no body could afford to keep slaves any more.

    The emancipation Proclamation Freed NO SLAVES---even Lincoln laughed at it with Seward.---READ IT! It exempted slaves in the Union and occupied South Even Teachers do not read it.

    Today the flag is under attack again, since the Civil Rights era, when Blacks could vote again--The Liberals told the same lies in reconstruction--To Manipulate the Blacks---The KKK flag is the US flag for pete's sake.

    Count the Confederate flags in the photo

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  • hace 5 años

    Where the United States progressed past the chains of oppression and slavery, the Confederates which adopted the flag choose to have it define them.

  • hace 5 años

    Because the confederacy was a nation that seceded from the US for one reason and one reason defend a white person's right to own black people as livestock. It had no other objective.

    Whereas the US is a nation with all the usual ups and downs that all nations have. Almost every nation has had slavery at one time or another if it is sufficiently old. Some still have it today!

    But the confederacy is the only one I am aware of that whose founding principle was the idea that nonwhites are nonpersons with no rights.

  • Bob
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    hace 5 años

    Because the Confederate states had slaves and the US flag - the north didn't

  • Anónimo
    hace 5 años

    because Abe and Congress and Union generals ended slavery. The Confeds fought to keep it. And their descendants passed Jim Crow.

  • Stormy
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    hace 5 años

    It's not

  • hace 5 años

    Every flag has its stains and both of them are soaked in blood.

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