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Should we Ban the US Stars and stripes too?


Seeing HOW it was the FLAG of US slavery until 1866. And flew on slave ships for 90 years

Actualización 2:

The Battle flag (OR Confederate national flag) Never flew on a slave ship

Actualización 3:

Point IS we are LIED to about the Battle flag. It was no more MISUSED than the Stars and stripes. Those who lie about the flag are trying to take advantage of and exploit Black people

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    Why not. It flew over slavery for much, much longer than any flag of the Confederacy. If the logic is that the flag flew over slave-owning lands, then the Stars and Stripes has to go, as well.

    Of course, we won't go down that road. We will continue to be lopsided, unaware of our own history and add to the irony that is the American experience.


    Most slave ships flew the Portuguese flag.

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    The same political correctness that is intolerant to the more innocent "Southern rebel pride" aspects of the Stars and Bars is already going to work, starting on some hopelessly Liberal universities, on applying the same stigmas to the Stars and Stripes.

  • Tom
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    How any Battle flags do you see? The Stars and stripes is the official Flag of the KKK

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    Only if it has less stars then it does now, but the again those are in places old flags belong museums

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    Let's ban banning.

  • No - we should not fly flags of enemies of the US on government property.

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    Apparently, you - as a conservative - think that's a good idea. It's not.

  • Kay
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