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What size of a tank would I need to keep 4-6 Angelfish (only fish in the tank) healthy?

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    Main issue you are going to have it territorial behaviour as they mature, rather than simple space to support them.

    There are two good ways to keep Angels. In a compatible pair, or on a schooling situation in a large tank.

    Therefore I would suggest maybe 75gal minimum, for a "school" of six. They aren't really a schooling fish, but a large group and plenty of space will defuse their territorial instincts and aggression.

    Putting 4 in a smaller tank is likely to result in fighting when pairs form and they try and claim territory.

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    hace 5 años

    We have two angelfish, and their sizes are small that we can keep them in a small tank. They are very beautiful fish.

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    are you getting them from babies or adult?

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