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I do not know English, what it says is song please?

Hello. I am from Colombia

I do not speak English.

Please tell me in English what this song says 0:46 minutes after "You're still the love of my life, can you see?"

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In the translation does not appear. Says something like "ban and said" XD I do not know.

PD: Utilicé google traductor jajaja.

Thank you.

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  • hace 6 años
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    It sounds like this to me:

    "You're still the love of my life, can you see? When I say that- ooohhhhh~"

    He seems to stop suddenly in the middle of what he is saying. It is not important enough to be in the lyrics.

  • Anónimo
    hace 6 años

    Whoever is singing seems to have a heavy accent. I, too, hear "ban and said" but I think it's safe to assume that's not what he was going for... I think he either says "and I said" or "then I said".

    saludos de USA! :)

  • Kike
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    hace 6 años

    Min 0:46

    You're still the love of my life, can you see when I say it?

    I'm Colombian too.



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