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Why do I love my therapist so much? why do I feel like I need her? I get so depressed when im not with her.?

I am a 14 year old girl and I also have a female therapist. I feel like im very attached to her. I cant take It anymore. I have been seeing her every week but now my mom is making me see her every other week because of money problems. I don't know what to do it makes me cry thinking about it. why do I feel this way? I think its so weird but I cant help it. I have been seeing her because of depression\self harm and suicide. im honestly so depressed and I want to kill myself so bad but I cant even seem to tell her how I really feel. what do I do with my life? ugh I don't see any purpose anymore. nothing will ever get better.

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    Use your Mom as a therapist she is closer to you than the therapist,and tell your Mom that you love her ,and ask Jesus to help you

  • hace 6 años

    it's called transference sorry for the psychology terminology

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