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How can I talk to my therapist about always being horny/masturbation?

I'm a 14 year old GIRL and my therapist is a FEMALE too. I have been just extremely horny all the time I cant even concentrate on my homework because im always masturbating and watching porn. I feel so weird and ashamed about it but I just can't help it I'm soooo horny allll the time. I want to tell my therapist but I don't know how to bring it up. How can I tell her?would she be weirded out?

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    Your therapist knows that every 14 year old GIRL in the world is stark raving mad about SEX! At 14, sex is your job. You are supposed to be thinking and doing sex at all times! Your therapist knows that. Besides, your therapist was once 14 and thought all day about nothing but sex.

    You can say to your therapist, "I think my expectations are in the way of my therapy." A discussion will ensue, during which you can tell her that you don't know how to bring up the subject of your sexual feelings."

    She won't be weirded out. She has people tell her that the only thing they think about is death, that the only thing they can think about is heroin, that the only thing they can think about is oxycodone, that they only thing they can think about is alcohol, that they are from the planet Marvin, that they were raped last night, that they raped someone 20 years ago, that the only way the sun will come up tomorrow will be for them to pray all night (no matter what Annie says), etc., etc.

    Definitely, a horny 14 year old will not weird her out. If you have any doubt about that, print out my response and ask her about those things I mentioned.

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    Of course she will be weirded out unless she is also horny.

    I'm a male but I can help you. I can teach you how to control it.

    Email me or look for me

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    Ignore him. If she is your therapist then she is supposed to understand not bash or judge you. You should tell her. She could help with ways to control it

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