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How can I talk to my therapist about always being horny/masturbation?

I'm a 14 year old GIRL and my therapist is a FEMALE too. I have been just extremely horny all the time I cant even concentrate on my homework because im always masturbating and watching porn. I feel so weird and ashamed about it but I just can't help it I'm soooo horny allll the time. I want to tell my therapist but I don't know how to bring it up. How can I tell her?would she be weirded out?

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    Your therapist won't be weirded out at all by this. It's very common for young teenagers to suffer from sexual addiction due to an underlying condition such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. What is it you are seeing your therapist for currently? Approach her in a way that is mature and calm, and tell her you think you may have a sex addiction and it is beginning to interfere with your ability to concentrate on school work and other things. Your therapist will lead the rest of the conversation by asking specific questions related to your problem, and then she will do the best she can to help you overcome it.

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