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Happy birthday Mozart! Q: Have a favorite Papageno type? Favorite Singer?

Papageno is often called "jolly Papageno" but the character is interpreted different ways. He's the only complex character in The Magic Flute.

My nominees for

Best melancholy Papageno - Simon Keenlyside

Youtube thumbnail

Best feisty Papageno - Christian Gerhaher

Youtube thumbnail

Best jolly Papageno - William Workman

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Trivia: If the dialog in the Keenlyside clip seems a bit strange, it's because German has a pronoun that can't be translated.

"[pronoun] are you?" (translated "who")

"What a question! I'm a man, like you!"

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  • Thank you for mentioning Mozart's birthday, even if I am two days late and forgot to decorate. My favorite Papageno goes back some years, I would have been a tiny toddler when this recording came out, but I do like Walter Berry:

    Youtube thumbnail

    He transitions between the goofy bits and the serious bits seemingly without effort.

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