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How many drink Coca Cola during a cold?

Recently found out that when I get sick and everything I have a thirst for some coke. During normal times Pepsi would be something I more drink. But when it comes to being sick I end up having a cold coke to get for drink. And a 20oz/600ml is the good size and enjoyable. Even though I have a cold I grab it cold because the taste of it at some point is much better and feels great to me. I get very weak when I'm sick and when I end up drinking a coke it's like coffee to me. Does anyone else do this when they are sick?

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    Yes. When I was in the hospital for 6 weeks that's something everyone loved when they were in bed sick & miserable. Kool Aid, Lemonade and Pop and Popsicles. I'll never forget being miserable and in pain and a nurse bringing me a Cherry Popsicle. It was heaven. It's sugar water and gives you instant energy. Your blood sugars skyrockets and you feel better for a while. It's not healthy but it's normal. Feel better soon.

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    A lot of people drink coke during a cold. Sometimes it maybe the only thing they can keep down.

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