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What's your opinion of AT&T U-verse service?

How does it compare to Comcast?


With AT&T, other than the customer service, is there any problems, limitation they don't tell you about. How does it coexist with Internet connectivity, especially if recording multiple shows at once? I heard this may be a problem. For those who have had Comcast, how does price compare?

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    I had Comcast (and their predecessors) for 10 years--dropped them in 2010 for U-verse, and I'd do it again.

    Comcast (in my experience) is the all-time blue ribbon champion of price gougers. And (again, in my experience), their customer service was a waste of my time. With U-verse, I've had two modest price increases in 4 years, and each time I've had to deal with technical support, they got it done--not always with the kind of dispatch we'd all like, but they eventually solved the problem. Comcast should be so lucky.

    Bottom line: if Comcast was my only option for pay-TV, I'd just use an antenna.

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    Followup per your update: I have no difficulty recording 2 or 3 HD programs at once. Have never seen any problem with using the Internet while someone is watching TV, even with a DVR recordings in progress at the same time. My Internet service is far, far better than with Comcast. Comcast's download speed is fine as long as it doesn't fail. That was my problem--Comcast's Internet would fail from the line every day for several minutes, sometimes 2 or 3 times per day. When I called tech support, they had the gall to say it was my computer. I switched to AT&T U-verse and have never had an Internet failure since (same computer).

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    The service itself is pretty good. The main downside is that, in order to get an maintain the service, you have to deal with att&t's customer service. Which consists, on successive calls, of various ignorant and/or willfully lying sales personnel, none of whom have any information whatsoever about anything you were told by the previous representative, especially regarding such things as what it costs and/or how long it will take to get it installed, and/or why the entire installation process has been halted for the last week and a half for a technical requirement without anyone telling you about it, and so on.

    from what I've heard about comcast I suspect it's not as bad as that though

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    Any provider again is certainly not bad. The most crucial draw back is certainly the fact that, when getting some sort of take care of the provider, everyone need to handle att&t's client service. Which unfortunately has, regarding successive enquiries, of numerous uninformed and/or willfully spread sales and profits office staff, zero for to who own all material what ever related to anything you were definitely said to by way of the old company representative, mainly related to activities such as what precisely it all rates and/or for how long it will last to build it all established, and/or so why your whole unit installation progression has long been ceased the past 7-day period and a half for that practical needs not having someone informing you about that, for example.

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    They both have to catch up w/ NYNEX, who are now going to build a Bridge to connect the U.S.A. to London; they might use their Fiber optics Cable for support...0413/2015

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    I wouldn't buy a used car from them or anything else.

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