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Should I tell my therapist im always horny and its annoying me?

I have been seeing my therapist for about 7 months now. I'm always sooo horny constantly. I have been masturbating a lot and watching porn. Is this bad and normal? I feel so ashamed but I can't help it I'm just soooo horny and I feel weird about it. Would this be weid to tell my FEMALE therapist? I'm a 14 your old GIRL.

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    Different people will interpret "always sooo horny" differently. To some, it will mean they need to masturbate everyday. For many people masturbating means watching porn. For others, they will need to masturbate several times everyday. Masturbation habits vary tremendously from one individual to the next.

    Your therapist will likely want to know if your masturbating gets in the way of other activities or relationships in your life? Like are you masturbating when you should be doing your homework or spending time with your friends and family? If so, you should talk to your therapist about it.

    Then, she will want to know if masturbation makes you feel good, bad, energized, or disconnected? Assuming you enjoy the experience and it doesn't interfere with the rest of your life, there really isn't a "need" to talk to your therapist about it, unless you just want to feel better about doing it. For some reason, girls tend to "feel weird" about masturbating more then boys and it takes them a bit longer to feel comfortable with it.

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    Porn can make you overly...well... happy all the time lol. I found out after i stopped watching it i calmed down a lot.. also if slowly begin to limit masturbation (EX: one less time a day or week) itll calm your self down to. If you cant control yourself at all, being overly horney could also be from stress or deppression. If you tell your therapist anything about this, it may be to say you may be deppressed or hurt. But then again you could just be full of hormones right now too. Talk to your therapist if this only truely is bothering you. They wont be as weirded out as you think they might. Theyve seem some pretty weird **** before haha. Hope i helped!

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    No there's no need of doing this. It's healthy to masturbate but remember to stay safe... i mean unprotected sex.

    Horny all the time doesn't a thing to worry bout. U just need to have bit of control. And from my point of view u r going great. This habit would go after sometime.

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    Yes, or tell your parent/guardian.

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