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Notified if your answer gets a comment?

Several times I've looked back at a question I've answered and seen that there were comments on my question that I received no notification on. Is there either a place to check for that or a way to get notified about it? Thanks Y!A community!

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  • hace 6 años
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    There is no notification. The fear under the current system is that spammers would fill the site with ads and thus fill your mailbox with notifications. Until they find a way to filter those or limit comments (like they do Q&As), there will probably be no notifications.

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    hace 5 años

    No. There are no notifications for Comments. Only answers if you have that setting enabled.

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    hace 6 años

    There is no notification system for comments - the only way to see them is to go back to the question and scroll down the list of answers to see what is there.

  • hace 6 años

    Yes it is the NEW NOTIFICATIONS tab top left. It will tell you there.

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