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Ocimom preguntado en PetsCats · hace 6 años

Leslie - need to send me your email if you want a reply about Ocicat?

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    hace 6 años

    All the information I ever see you post is false and I want you to stop commenting on my **** and my questions because you're seriously annoying. And here's a bit of proof. My vet is up date on the brands if cat food that are healthy and iams is. Its not "used to be now its cheaper brand not as good" & my cat is a Bombay my vet confirmed it & she was left on my door step so leave my questions and my answers alone and stick your so called knowledge where the sun don't shine lady I'm sick you of.

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    hace 6 años

    (Sorry, but my cat has no brown on him and he's not a tabby. He's just a black and white domestic.)

    Fuente(s): My mom called the vet
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