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has anyone used the POD moving system and how was your experience?

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  • hace 4 años

    Pod Moving System

  • hace 6 años

    I did in may, I did a remodel of my house including new ceilings and floors so everything had to be moved out. I got a 16' and it wasn't big enough for everything. But it was great to have. It took several weeks to finish the work so I ended up keeping it for 6 weeks and I was charged for 2 months. They charge you to bring it and charge you to pick it up. It was over 400.00 when all was said and done. Still it was a good choice for me, having it parked in my drive way and so easy to load and unload. I did have to fill my garage up and I ended up giving away some furniture, so in the end, all was good with the world.

  • hace 6 años

    It was good, we had a lot of stuff. It was good!!!

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