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Genealogy - Exact Dates?

I have just joined Ancestry.Co.Uk to research my roots and although I can find basic information about my ancestors I cannot find exact dates for births, marriages and deaths.

All I find is the quarter of the year the event took place, the name of the person, the district, the volume and page the event was registered in.

There is no actual dates given.

Is there any genealogy sites that do furnish this information or do I have to pay a tenner in order to get a copy of the actual certificate of birth, marriage, death etc?

Any help will be appreciated.

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    Ancestry does have some collections which will tell you the exact dates, for example they have many marriages for London which are images of the parish registers. Unfortunately they don't have all areas and they don't have all places of marriage, such as registry offices aren't included. Although they are continually adding to information which is available.

    Sometimes there are other ways of finding a date, for example there may be an announcement of the event in the newspaper. It costs money but this is a great site, and you can find out all sorts of juicy gossip about your ancestors if they did anything naughty enough to be reported - http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/

    Personally I don't worry too much about exact dates unless they are important for some reason. There's always going to be gaps in the information you can collect, I'd rather put that sort of thing on the back burner for now rather than fork out a tenner a time to find out.

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    You will not find birth, marriage and death certificates, they are not available online regardless of what manipulative advertising ancestry do and the bmd index is free anyway on several other websites.

    The certificates themselves you need to pay and order a copy ( and DO NOT do that from ancestry) they charge you x3 more than purchasing a copy directly, the cheapest is directly from the GRO at £9.25 and that includes postage. The index of bmd information is what you need to order the certificate, so you are another to have been reeled in by the misleading advertising of that website as much of what they have you can get free elsewhere.

    If you know the quarter and year then you can look to see if they have the IMAGES of the baptism, marriage or burial parish records on, but again ONLY images are real records on any website, everything else is just a clue about where to look.

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    Most older English Birth/Marriage/Death records are recorded on the Quarter and not exact, which is difficult at best to accept since they seen to be so precise in other matters. Once you have the quarter and year you might try church records.

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    dont pay anything to said site,

    if you want to trace your history,

    ask all your family whos who,

    and write down your own one,

    you dont need to


    no scumbags


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