A question about risotto alla milanese..?

I'm sorry to write in english but I thought the best place to ask a question about risotto would be the italian version of YA..

All right, I read some recipes of risotto alla milanese where they add "midollo" pieces at the end, and I'm not sure if I'm getting it right cause it seems that by the time of serving it will still be raw and I wonder if it's ok to eat it that way..

So is it supposed to be cooked some other way before using it in the risotto or do I add it raw..?


I forgot to mention that I can read italian..

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  • hace 7 años
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    i think is better if u put the midollo in the first part of the preparation... like when you put the onions in the pan with the butter, so it will melt perfectly and u won't eat it still raw.

  • hace 6 años

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