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Exactly what does CV stand for?

I know what a resume is, and I know what a cover letter is (which I abbreviate CL) but CV has me flummoxed; so forgive my brain freeze.

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    Curriculum Vitae

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    You are one confused dude. Not knowing the basics like what CV stands for and also being full of it RE: entering the intersection to turn left. The law in WA requires that drivers turning left YIELD to oncoming traffic. Not that they cannot enter the intersection. The problem with Seattle drivers: They are welfare recipients with too much time on their hands. They are 90 years old and have to drive bc taking the bus is too slow. And they don't know the law.

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    Don't feel bad I had no idea either. Doesn't even make sense, should just say send in your resume and cover letter. I know quite a few job seekers and some know it and others don't. Especially if you haven't had to look for a job in a long time.

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    Is this your first time getting a job? Professionals call CV a career venture. Please leave the careers for knowledgeable folks son.

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    Google..... "what Exactly what does CV stand for"? You old *** dummy!!

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    also stands for "constant velocity"

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