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How many fish total can I put in a 15 or 20 gallon aquarium?

I usually go by the one gallon per one inch of fish (grown). Does this still apply? Only fish in the aquarium will be fancy guppies, neons and zebra fish.


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  • Anónimo
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    There has never been an inch per gallon rule its a myth.

    7 Fancy Guppies

    7 Neon Tetra

    5 Danio

  • Alex
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    hace 7 años

    "I usually go by the one gallon per one inch of fish (grown). Does this still apply?", No, it is actually a myth, so don't use it even for grown fish.

    3 fancy guppies - ensure that they are ALL male, otherwise you will have an overstocked tank.

    5 neons

    3 zebra danio.

    Try an algae eater too, like a nerita snail or bristlenose.

  • hace 6 años

    1 fish per 10 gallons

  • Anónimo
    hace 7 años

    The one inch per gallon is only a guideline it doesn't take into account whether its a slender fish like tetras, angels silver dollars or a fish broad fish like catfish, puffers, guppies or a tall fish like again angels or discus, i use a 10 gallon for 4guppies and their fry and in my 20 gallon i have 6hengrls rasbora, am gettimg 3otocinclus catfish amd have one juvenile ram which I'm getting 3more but will be getting a 50 gallon before they are full grown in the next couple month's but that's it for stock

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  • hace 7 años

    depend on how big ur fish. normally 1 inch goldfish per 3 gallons water. You may ask pet owner for an advise.

  • hace 7 años

    About 30 cod fish

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