time warner cable internet prices?

Im not too tech savy was wondering which is the best package to go with for internet

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  • hace 6 años
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    Well honestly it depends on how many devices you are going to have at once if its a couple 2mb should work for email, internet navigation and even some skyping, but if you have more devices.best bet would be anything above 6mb. As far as packages i do recall a 14.99 promotion they were having not too long ago. Best bet is compare offers in your area TWC might not be the only one

  • AJ
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    hace 6 años

    Will you be using Netflix to download movies or stream video? alot? Do you upload or download alot of videos or pics, or watch alot of youtube videos

    Then go with the 20Mb/s which I belive is their Turbo plan

  • hace 6 años

    What are the choices?

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