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To Patsy G - where do you get the wood pellets?

Patsy G - you gave me Best answer but wanted to know where to get the wood stove pellets. You have no email for me to respond back to you.

I see you live in Texas. Check your local farm/feed stores for either the wood stove pellets or horse bedding pellets. Either should have them. Should be able to get a 40 lb bag for about $5.

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    Wood stove pellets usually can be found at hardware stores. Equine bedding wood pellets, which are even more absorbent than the stove pellets, can be found at farm and feed stores such as Tractor Supply, Rural King, etc.

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    Careful. Posts like this are considering "chatting".

    Home stores like Lowes and Home Depot also have them in cooler months as do many grocery stores. I pay $4.99 for them at my local WinCo.

    "Equine bedding" wood pellets are NOT "more absorbent" than wood stove pellets. They actually work LESS better than regular wood stove pellets since they are the broken down, dusty "reject" pellets from create the pellets. They don't last as long as intact pellets.

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    Hahahha I think you should stop putting stupid and mean comments on my questions saying I'm selfish for wanting a dog your cretin

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    Try get the 40lb for five dollars

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