Removing Flickr Photostream photos meanwhile keeping them in Sets?

Anytime uploading photos to Flickr they go to our Photostream, then placing and organizing them into a Set… OK, BUT I don't want all the photos to appear in my Photostream but in specific sets only.

For example: I want a bunch (100+) of photos from a wedding to be ONLY into the "Wedding set" but do NOT want them in my Photostream because of being boring or not of the interest of general viewers at all, even to me.


Can I remove photos from my Photostream meanwhile keeping them into specifics SETs???

or I can't do it because of Photostream being the series of all the uploaded photos?

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  • hace 7 años
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    No you can't do it - the photostream is the pool that the Sets are organised from - the images HAVE to be there.

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