Is it right that the British MPs should be an 11% plus pay rise?

According to the media The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) are to recommend that MPs should be given a pay rise above 11% later this week to take effect after the next election.

Bearing in mind the nurses are only likely to receive a 3.7% rise and the Civil Service given a measly 1%.

Other public sector workers are likely to, or have already been given pay rises far below the 11% plus MPs are expected to be recommended.

Do you think that morally the Government should not accept this rise if it is offered?

If they do it will only convince me that MPs care nothing for anyone except their own financial welfare. This is something I have suspected for a long time.

If the Government does get offered this way over the top rise and accept it I for one will be starting a campaign to force them into giving it up and I hope all those who agree with me will join me.

Are you with me?


PS - In another report it has been found that 1000s of people who have full time employment are still living in poverty.


For Cephalopod,

I agree with your comments.

My local MP claimed over £144.000 in expenses last year and part of that was £3.223.00 for electricity and gas to pay for fuel bills in his own home.


Why is he, and presumably all other MPs, allowed to claim for electricity and gas in his own?

The ordinary working person is responsible for paying this from their wages after tax and Insurance.

I personally would not have any objection to a substantial pay rise for MPs if they EARNED it and they ensured the public sector employees were given liveable wages and all other workers got a liveable wage.

I am not affiliated to any party but in my opinion the Governments never do anything for those who are in desparate need, rather they appear to be doing everything they can to make the poor even poorer.

In 2012/13 MPs were paid nearly £100.000.000 in expenses. This is equal to an average of £156.000 per year in addition to their salaries.

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For Lord B,

I agree with your comments also.

However if this rise is reccomended and accepted (as I have no doubt it will be) it will not take effect until after the next general election thereby ensuring that all MPs will get it, even if the Tory/Lib Dem Government don't get re-elected.

When the IPSA was set up I am sure it was the politicians who did this so they made sure that they had 'friends' placed on the panel.

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If any disgruntled subscriber to YA UK wishes to vent their anger at the IPSA they can contact them at:

The IPSA website is at:

It may also be worthwhile contacting your local MP to tell them how you feel about this proposed robbery of the electorates hard earn salary, pensions etc.

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  • Steven
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    hace 7 años
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    Its worth looking up who is on the (ahem) IPSA.

    one is an ex-MP, so his mates are in the . (average income £150,000)

    2 are ex-bankers.yes, those trustworthy honest people.(500K)

    1 senior academic, who has worked for the government for the past 9 years. (£100K)

    1 barrister, and how many MPs are barristers ?? *£300K)

    sure doesn't look independent at all does it.Note that NOT ONE OF THEM works around the national average, or have an incline how anyone outside the Westminster bubble lives or outside a millionaire lifestyle exists.

    @photofox, you're attempting to say that they don't have long term contracts, BUT that is already taken care of as they have "parachute"payments, a years salary for them and a year salary for their "employee or (family). Also these are the same MP's who have seen ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS rise to 1 million people, those 1 million people have no hours; no length or term whatsoever, let alone 5 years.

    74K is alot for a part time job, as virtually every MP treats it ! Also, these MP's are not top notch material either, perhaps we should work a system of Pay performance (as MPs thinks that's a great idea for everyone else !!)

    So, every constituency gets to determine their pay packet !!

  • Anónimo
    hace 7 años

    They can not refuse the rise as an official decision by IPSA but individual MPs can donate it to a charity ?

    MPs are civil servants the same as prison officers and probation officers and other such sectors they have just privatised.

    Note the timing ... so cynical ... exactly in the hope we will forget about it by the next election and exactly when they knew Nelson Mandela had died .. before we were told of his death. they are an absolute shower of shyte.

    Edit ... Yes OG can you just imagine even one of the greedy bastards saying to IPSA .... "now stop being silly IPSA you know I dont deserve a rise" .... hell could freeze over !!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are bastards, simple as that ...... and any person who believes that IPSA is "independent" ??? must be off their trolley.

    Edit - Photofox .... With respect... its thinking like yours that condones the selfish rake it in bastards.

  • Anónimo
    hace 7 años

    I agree with you 100% that Members of Parliament should reject the 11% pay rise as recommended by a pay revue body.

    In the first instance 90% of members are using the role of M.P as a second income source. also they have a very favourable severance package if they are de selected at a General Election.

    Add to this an exceptional pension that is why Members of Parliament are classed as greedy.

    The revue body recommending the pay rise say that it reflects the pay of foreign members of parliament.

    Now would I be in order to say that if that statement is correct. surely British workers ought to be paid and receive pensions such as the German population receive?

  • hace 7 años

    I'm with Ceph these greedy bastards are not worthy of such a pay rise every other public sector worker is capped at one percent.

    I'm furious i will punish the Tories for this in 2015 and IPSA are clearly not that independent. The poor get poorer under these out of touch tossers. And Photofox where do you sit in the Tory cabinet who justifies this disgraceful act. I already have contacted my local MP he gave just a bunch of BS excuses

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  • ?
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    hace 7 años

    I totally agree that they shouldn't accept it.

    However, if you think seriously about it, £74000 is not a lot of salary for a "top job" these days; considering these MPs "run" our country. Most company directors get far more than that and CEOs get 10 or 20 times that.

    Also, if you ran a private business and told a new employee that their job was for an unspecified time, maximum 5 years, and after that they might or might not have a job according to the whim of outsiders, so might be dismissed with no notice, there is no way you would be allowed to impose those conditions.

    I'm not supporting their pay rise but there are other factors involved.

  • hace 7 años

    As it stands at present it is obscene, they only sit for about six months, basically everything they need is paid for in expenses and most of them have 2nd or 3rd jobs and many employ members of their family who get paid a fortune. I would however be quite happy for them to have the pay rise if they paid their own expenses, couldn't employ family members of their own or any of their fellow MP's, weren't allowed to take a 2nd job and took the same amount of weeks off as the rest of the working population.

  • hace 7 años

    CEPH... on this one, I fully agree with you. It was important to actually point out who this secret Society which calls itself the Independent Parliamentary Standard Authority or IPSA.actually is.

    It is said that any suggestions by this group, cannot be challenged, nor of course will it be challenged, by the greediness of our "Honourable Gentlemen"

    It is nothing short but an insult to us the public, who have to sit in cold houses and visit "Food Banks", while these people feel they are entitled to such a huge increase and at the same time retain the subsidies enjoyed in their 9 Restaurants in the House of Commons.

    We know that energy bills are provided on expenses, which shows why they can keep their stables and horses warm in winter.

    In my book, these Plonkers cannot sink any lower. Greed and dishonesty is their rule book.

    Have a nice day

  • ?
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    hace 7 años

    no ,but once your an mp and have your snout in the trough .piggy mp wants more

    they should take a pay cut

  • Anónimo
    hace 7 años

    If I was not wealthy why would I want to be an MP!???

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